Serving an LDS Mission in Vina del Mar, Chile.

Monday, September 8, 2014

It's just been a really good week.

Sad news first. C** has dropped off the face of the earth. We can never find her at home and she didn't go to church this week. Ya sad....We think that she only committed to baptism so that we would leave her doorstep that day. Oh and we're pretty sure that she has her little brother lie to our faces that she wasn't home because we heard people talking before we called out. Oh, I never explained that. Basically no one here has doorbells and everyone has a fence so to ´´knock on their door´´ we have to yell at their house. We yell ALO and then hope that they heard it which they usually do because all of the walls here are super thin. Which brings me to the next thing that I never mentioned. Our pension is always cold because the cold seeps through the walls and we have no heating whatsoever. The only form of heating we have is one of those small heater fans like we have in the basement. But we can't even have it on the whole time because we have to keep our bill under a certain amount and it racks up the bill a lot when we use it. So we're cold most mornings but it's okay cuz we just put on our coats and keep working.

Happy news now. So on Wednesday we were having an okay day. Our citas (appointments) had fallen through so we were just randomly knocking doors, or yelling at houses;) Anyways, my comp randomly called at this house that was at the very end of the street. Out comes G**. He is better than a golden investigator. He is platinum! He opened up to us right at the beginning and told us that he had been waiting to talk to people like us because he had a lot of questions and doubts. (Keep in mind this whole time I'm still only catching some of the conversation but I could understand a lot from how he was intonating words and his body language) He said that he thought God was a punishing god because everything in his life wasn't going well for him and he thought it was because God was punishing him for everything bad that he had done in his life. While the babble (That's what it sounds like half the time) was going on, I just thought, ´´Hey, the Atonement helps with everything. I wonder if he knows about it.´´ So I asked him. He said what most people say. Jesus died on a cross and suffered in the garden. I then had him read Alma 7:11-13. After he read it he received personal revelation right then and said ´´Oh, so God just wants me to be near to him´´ That scripture never said that and neither of us had said that. That was an amazing moment. Then he continued to surprise us. He gave himself the commitments to read the BOM, pray, and go to church before we could give them to him. Ya, this guy has been sooo prepared by God to receive the gospel. Oh, his house and breath reeked of smoke when we first met him. The 3rd lesson we had with him was on the WOW. (Oh, and during the 2nd lesson he realized that he had to stop smoking before we told him) He accepted it right away and then Elder B** offered to give him a blessing to help him quit. During the blessing Elder B** was impressed to say that the smell and taste of tobacco would be offensive to him. Well, the next day the smoke smell was completely gone (his house actually smells like Grandma M**´s perfume. Ya, apparently there is an incense scent that smells like her) and all of the cigarette stubs that littered the ground outside were cleaned up. He said that he had no more desire to smoke (and he smoked 20 times a day) or drink tea. Wow! The power of God and the Priesthood is real! He went to church yesterday and really enjoyed it. His baptism is scheduled to be on the 21st of September.

We also have 2 other investigators with fechas that day, and possibly 3 after we talk with another one of our investigators today. So ya, this week has been full of miracles. And not all of them have had to do with G**. It's just been a really good week. The sun finally came out again, found new investigators, got some of them to go to church, set fechas (Baptismal dates), and ya. It's been good. Still can't understand a lot of things so sometimes I find myself zoning out. Especially during almuerzo [lunch]. It's slowly getting better though. Very slowly.....

To answer mom's questions.
1) I think it's in my cubby because you were going to glue it back together but, if I remember right, never did. 
2) Villa Alemana Oeste is the stake and Huanhual√≠ is the ward. The chapel is on Huanhual√≠. 

Elder B** and Elder Groneman

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