Serving an LDS Mission in Vina del Mar, Chile.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

5 DAYS!!!

So my plane leaves Monday night at 11:55. I will be leaving the CCM at 7 and arriving at the airport around 8ish (PM). If I get the chance I'll call you on a pay phone. The plane ride is 8 1/2 hours long but thankfully I have a window seat! We arrive in Chile around 9:30ish their time (I'm assuming) and I'll try to call you then if I don't get the chance to in Mexico. So ya....I'M SOO EXCITED!!!

And no dad. It was not caused by the food. They asked every single person who went to the infirmary what they ate and there was no correlation. Plus, some people got sick before others. It wasn't all at once. Just thought I'd clear that up for Mom's sake.  ;)

This week has been about the same as the others. Same old schedule. Nothing new. I haven't seen S** yet but I did notice that he got a package already. Elder S**'s dad is a *** and says that he knows you and refers to you every once in a while. Ya, just something random that I thought you'd like to know.

The pic that I'm including is a giant moth! We see them every so often but somehow this one got into our casa. 

So what's the status with my missionary plaque? You never answered that question. 

YA, I don't really have much to say because every day is exactly the same. Well...we are the only district in our zone now.At least until later today. Oh, my district is hosting later today so we get to bring all of the new kids in and show them around a little. Too bad J** doesn't come in today :/ oh well. We didn't get a new district last week like we were told we would. Pres. Pratt (CCM pres) attended our sacrament meeting on Sunday and said that that was a mistake and they may move another district to our zone this week. But it doesn't really matter because I am leaving!!

 I can't wait to get to Chile! I won't be able to understand anything but I am sooo excited!

That's about it. Next time I write I'll be in CHILE!!!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Week 4

So this week was not that fun. At least the middle of it wasn't. During all of Sunday and half of Saturday I was in my bed or the bathroom because I was soo sick. I wasn't the only one though. Six others in my district and a ton of other people throughout the CCM were sick too. Yes dad, I was washing my hands. We all were. And multiple times a day too. It helps that you go to the bathroom 3 times more than usual cuz you have 2 companions. And yes dad, I started taking Vitamin C when I got sick. Ya...the weekend wasn't fun. On Monday I felt a little bit better but still wasn't anywhere near 100%.

Anyways, the other parts of the week went a lot better. My Spanish is steadily getting better which is definitely a good thing cuz I'll need it for the next 2 years;) I am excited to be leaving for Chile in 2 weeks.

We had 2 districts from our zone leave yesterday so we will be getting either one or two today. Maybe Sam will be in it. No, i have not met Ian yet. Elder S** is in my district so yes, I have met him. 

I don't have any stories for this week. Every week is basically the same. I don't even have to look at my schedule anymore because I have it memorized. Did you share the part I wrote to the priests with them? Yyou better have.

Yep, that's about it. That's awesome that Jacob got a license and a job this week! Congrats! 

Love you all. Have a great week.

(No pics this week. Lo siento)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


So today I am officially half way through the CCM!!! It doesn't seem like I have been here that long though. The days are long (thanks to 9+ hours of studying a day) but the weeks are short.

Today my district finally got to go to the temple! Unfortunately it was closed, so we took pics and toured the visitors center. I'll send pics of that....I bought some stuff for all my sibs (sorry mom and dad) besides Mecham. Ill have to send them when I get to Chile probably. I don't think I can send packages home from here...Anyways, the visitor center is super cool. And the only time I have missed you all so far is when they showed us a video about families. Some of the elders started crying at that part (no, I was not one of those elders). Besides that I haven't been homesick at all. It's not cuz I don't love you all, it's just cuz 1 I'm always busy and 2 I'll see you in two years (or in heaven in the event of an unfortunate accident) so ya....I'm good.

Thanks for the donuts! You are now know as "Momma Groneman" and some of the Elders want to hug you when we get home. Ya...we've all missed good American food. The donuts came from Mexico but they tasted like they do at home - delicious! 

So starting next week my whole district is going to be speaking only Spanish for our last 2 weeks. Apparently in Chile they speak freakishly fast. Spanish speakers can't even understand them all the time because they talk so fast and they have words that only they use and they tend to drop the ending half of some words......great. So basically I am going to have to learn a whole new language once I leave the CCM.

Send this next part to the priest's quorum (they asked for it):

Hey guys! ¿Que pasa? Being on a mission is a lot different than I expected. Maybe its cuz I'm still in the CCM but maybe not. Quick advice to help you get ready. 1) Read Preach My Gospel. You literally use it every day. I guess you don't need to read the entire thing but it'll will help if you do. At least read chapter 3 (including the scriptures it tells you to read) if nothing else. 2) Memorize the scripture mastery scriptures. When you're teaching (and I had to start teaching in only Spanish on my 2nd day) you will use those scriptures a ton. The lessons you plan are almost never what you end up teaching so it's good to know where scriptures are off the top of your head. You don't need to memorize what the scripture says word for word. You just need to know exactly where it is and generally what the topic of it is. 3) Read the Book of Mormon! You will want to have read it at least once. It really helps to know what happens in it if you have to teach about it ;) DO those 3 things and you'll be golden.

     It's really weird not going to Priests anymore. I miss you all. If the seniors aren't gone [on their missions] when I get back they may want to hide. But seriously, go on a mission. I am not giving any of you a choice in the matter. I have known basically all of you for my whole life so I know all of you are awesome and will be great missionaries. Miss ya all. Tell Josh I'm super bummed that I miss him by one day! See y'all in 2-4 years!

Love you all.

Outside the CCM wall there's a guy who has decided to live in a tree by the construction. Apparently he is a mechanic and is helping.

Oh, quick story. So as we were driving back from the temple our bus driver bought us all bananas from a guy walking down the middle of the road trying to sell them. A bunch of people sell stuff like that. Super weird and funny. Then after that the traffic basically stops and we see a bunch of people randomly in the street. Then a ton of police show up. Apparently the students at the university nearby decided to protest something....funny.

Anyways, that's it. Bye bye!