Serving an LDS Mission in Vina del Mar, Chile.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

5 DAYS!!!

So my plane leaves Monday night at 11:55. I will be leaving the CCM at 7 and arriving at the airport around 8ish (PM). If I get the chance I'll call you on a pay phone. The plane ride is 8 1/2 hours long but thankfully I have a window seat! We arrive in Chile around 9:30ish their time (I'm assuming) and I'll try to call you then if I don't get the chance to in Mexico. So ya....I'M SOO EXCITED!!!

And no dad. It was not caused by the food. They asked every single person who went to the infirmary what they ate and there was no correlation. Plus, some people got sick before others. It wasn't all at once. Just thought I'd clear that up for Mom's sake.  ;)

This week has been about the same as the others. Same old schedule. Nothing new. I haven't seen S** yet but I did notice that he got a package already. Elder S**'s dad is a *** and says that he knows you and refers to you every once in a while. Ya, just something random that I thought you'd like to know.

The pic that I'm including is a giant moth! We see them every so often but somehow this one got into our casa. 

So what's the status with my missionary plaque? You never answered that question. 

YA, I don't really have much to say because every day is exactly the same. Well...we are the only district in our zone now.At least until later today. Oh, my district is hosting later today so we get to bring all of the new kids in and show them around a little. Too bad J** doesn't come in today :/ oh well. We didn't get a new district last week like we were told we would. Pres. Pratt (CCM pres) attended our sacrament meeting on Sunday and said that that was a mistake and they may move another district to our zone this week. But it doesn't really matter because I am leaving!!

 I can't wait to get to Chile! I won't be able to understand anything but I am sooo excited!

That's about it. Next time I write I'll be in CHILE!!!


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