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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dog bite explained

Okay, about the dog bite. No, it didn't bite my butt. It bit the back of my leg hence the reason why the rip was below the back pocket down to the knee. Yes, it did break skin. Yes, I did clean it. Yes, I'm keeping it clean. No, I did not go to the doctor because the dog had its shots up to date - yes, including the rabies shot. Yes, I did call Hna Diaz to let her know (because the mission nurse just finished the mission so we´re waiting for the next one to arrive). Now stop worrying. I'm not going to die! I had bites from Pepper [our dog] that hurt more - less damage yes, but they hurt more.  :P
Now, on to this week. We walk a lot. Tuesday and Wednesday we didn't teach anyone! Pure contacting all day. On Thursday we contacted all day until 9 which is when we finally found someone to teach! She's a neighbor of members that just re-moved back into the neighborhood. We're hoping that she progresses because she is really receptive.
The other days were normal. One of our investigators is a 10 year old kid whose dad and gpa are less active but reactivating due to the tragic, unexpected death of the gma. Skipping over a giant story, E** is very shy but now we have gained a ton of confidence with him. He actually talks and responds to our questions. This week we created a game in order to teach him lesson 4, the commandments. Wow, it worked better than we thought! He stayed focused, didn't get bored, learned and remembered everything. We are now currently creating a game for lesson 5. We are just waiting on the gpa for him to be baptized. The gpa needs to talk with the bishop and receive permission in order to baptized E**. The only problem is that they now haven't gone to church for a few weeks because they go to the cemetery every Sunday and spend the whole day there. Before, they would go to sacrament meeting then leave but for some reason these last few weeks they been going straight there. But that'll end this next week because they only had that self-made commitment for 3 months. So, we're working with them so that E** can be baptized in April!
Also, on Saturday we found a 16 year old, J**. He is really receptive and actually accepted a baptismal date during that first lesson, went to church yesterday and today we are going to teach him again. If all goes well he´ll be baptized on the 10th.
Other than that there are 2 other investigators that are now progressing - finally! One of them still needs to get married. The other needs to confront his dad and tell him that he wants to get baptized. He's been meeting with the missionaries for a year now. Yesterday we were talking with the member family whose daughter is the gf. They said that the other day he finally decided to be baptized but that he needs to talk to the dad. Well see what happens with that. The dad is an Evangelico fan├ítico. In other words, he's extremely religious and against every church - especially the Mormons-  that isn't his church.
So ya. That was the week. No, I still haven't received that package but we have Zone Conference this week so if it's arrived, I'll get it on Wednesday. It hadn't arrived on the 12th so hopefully now it's here.
So...... When one's personal space is violated by fleas, wear white clothes. It's a lot easier to find them, grab them, then kill them.
Love you all!
Elder Groneman

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