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Monday, April 25, 2016

Baptizing a Primary

This week was amazing! Haha I think that my comp and I are going to end up baptizing a whole Primary......
This week we found lots of new investigators. One of them is the ex-mother-in-law of a recent convert that is now living with her. The RC landlord asked for the house because she needed a quick option so she is now living with her ex-mother-in-law. We helped her move some stuff into the house on Tuesday and afterwards we took advantage of the situation and taught G** (the ex-m-i-l) We've been trying to teach her for a while now because we contacted her about 2 months ago. Well, we finally got the chance! She accepted a baptismal date but it fell through because she didn't go to church :( Its all good though because with the RC living with her she's for sure going to get baptized!
Some of the other news are part of a family of 13. Only 3 of them are members. The mom met with the missionaries a few years ago and really wants to be baptized but can't because she and her husband both need to get divorced so that they can then get married. BUT, in the mean time we are teaching her granddaughter, niece and the son of the niece. The two kids are 10 and they both want to be baptized. The niece wasn't 100% sure so we have to work a bit more with her; but when she sees her son get baptized, we think that she will want to as well.
We also are activating an inactive lady who has a granddaughter living with her who is also 10. She wants to be baptized too and the gma is all for it!
This week we found that there is a grandson of a family who wasn't registered after he was baptized. He turns 11 today. If they can't find all of the necessary info, he will have to be baptized again.
Yesterday a member came up to us wanting us to teach his nephew that will now be with them every weekend. He is 8 about to turn 9 in a couple of weeks.
Then there's E**. He's 10.
So in total we are teaching four 10-yr-olds and will probably start teaching a 9 and an 11 yr old. Ya, we're going to baptize the Primary. The Primary President is happy.
So ya, that was a brief recap of this week  :)
Please wear shoes while jumping rope. That is unless you want your toes to be smacked by a tube of plastic whirling around at a million mph. If such is the case, I advise to keep band-aids and ice close at hand.
Love you all!
Elder Groneman

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