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Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference was ´really really good´! ;) It faithened my strength ;)

But really, all jokes aside, Conference was great! Thank you Mom and Dad for being my prime gospel teachers!

Eliza and Jacob - you both fail
Sophie - Thanks for the update, but you also failed
Mom and Dad - you both receive a B
;) Love y'all

Soooo......Elder Scott's talk was the best that I have ever heard him give. And now for the invitation to my wonderful family. Actually act on what he talked about! Now that Dad is out of the Singles Ward you can have FHE EVERY week (emphasis on the EVERY in case you didn't catch that). AND start having DAILY family scripture study (Emphasis on the DAILY and take note of the word STUDY - it does not say READING nor does it mean that you can accomplish it in 5-10 minutes). Since Mecham and I are on missions and cannot be physically present for those studies I will be sending in my email a little snippit of my studies since it says daily FAMILY scripture study.

Mecham - Le invito hacer la mismo hasta vuelva en Noviembre [I invite you to do the same in November.]

Sophie and Jeff - I imagine that you both stop by the house a lot still (or at least Sophie does) so when you do, share a little snippit of your studies, or, better yet, join in a family study right then.

Anyways.....eso no más.

Couple questions/answers/requests

1- yes conference was in English and yes we watched the Spanish talks in Spanish
2- my shoe size is 10 1/2 wide USUALLY. I never know for certain cuz every Brand is different. I am not familiar with J**´s boots, sorry. And I have not asked the other Elders what boots they have.
3- Is A** D** on a misión? I'm pretty sure I saw him in the missionary choir twice. Please ask Sister G** for info.
4- for christmas (or before) please send a really good flashdrive with a lot of space on it, like a 64 gig if those exist. Super useful for lessons and other things cuz everyone here has a tv that you can plug one in and show a talk or something.

This week was extremely difficult lesson and contacting wise. Definitely our worst week yet. Yes, worse than last week which is saying something. But, it's okay because Conference ended the week and one of our investigators went to the Saturday morning session which is literally a miracle. She only made it for the last talk, Uchtdorf´s, but it was perfect for her. The reason why it was a miracle is because she said that she would never go to church because when she was 14 she went to a Mormon activity with her member friend. Well, when she got home her parents beat her for leaving. Since then she has never gone to church (she's currently somewhere around 60ish). After the session she asked when church started and it sounded like she was going to go! Yay for the Holy Ghost touching hearts!

Besides that the week was blah. Nothing at all. This week will be better. I finish my first change and first 6 weeks in the field. Hopefully Elder B** doesn't get changed because that would mean I get a step-father. Elders and their trainees are fathers and sons. If an Elder gets two different trainers (you train for 2 changes) the second is the step-father.

So the talks. Have weekly FHE. Study the scriptures every day as a family. Pray together every night. AND go to the temple every week. Not hard at all, right?

Love y'all!
Elder Groneman
Villa Alemana Zone


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