Serving an LDS Mission in Vina del Mar, Chile.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Short and Sweet

WST (weekly scripture thought)
3 Nephi 11
When God was trying to speak to the Nephites they were too busy to hear Him. It took Him 3 times to finally get their attention so that they understood what He was trying to say. This is like us and the Holy Ghost. Sometimes in our lives we are way too busy with all of the things that we have to do. During these times, the HG may be trying to talk to us but we are too busy trying to complete everything on our list of things to do that we don't hear it. We need to slow down our lives a little so that we when the HG talks to us we are able to hear. It is okay if we don't finish everything on our list because Heavenly Father doesn't care about all of those things. He wants us to listen to Him so that He can guide our lives.

Not a lot happened this week. We did find R** again (the guy that had the heart transplant) but he was drunk out of his mind. He really wants to stop drinking and smoking though because he knows that it is just damaging his new heart. 

Yeah, besides that not a lot happened. Same as usual basically. We had interviews with Pres. K this week and he told my comp and me that we are no longer allowed to speak English at all. The only English I am allowed to speak is when I am asking what a word means. Por ejemplo "Gato significa Cat?" o " Qué significa Gato?" o "Cómo se dice Cat?".....Yeah, that is driving me crazy but it is really helping my Spanish.

So yeah...that's it. Sorry no photos. Maybe next week....maybe ;)
Love y´all
Elder Groneman 2 (the better one)

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