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Monday, November 3, 2014

"No tendrás otro Dios delante de mí" [You will have no other God before me]

I bet you're wondering why I have titled this email the way I have. The answer is quite simple. I now know what it feels like to be prayed to. Haha! So yesterday in Sacrament Meeting an old lady that has been a member for centuries went up to the pulpit to say the opening prayer. Well, I think she forgot what she was doing exactly because she started praying to the congregation! Ya, don't think that had ever happened before......The ward secretary got up and said the prayer right after so it was all good. Oh, also yesterday I was the pianist. Usually one of 2 members plays but both were gone so yippee for me I got to play! Haha ya....I haven't played hymns in a long time....It was actually not bad though.

The rest of the week doesn't really have a story. A lot happened but none of it was out of the ordinary. The week felt like it lasted all year. Speaking of years, it's kinda trippin' me out having a full year of summer and having the seasons flipped. I'm like, "It's November, where is all of the snow and cold??"

Oh, and holidays are not as good here. Halloween was definitely a disappointment. There were absolutely no decorations anywhere until a couple hours before dark and once it got dark there were barely any trick-or-treaters. AND the candy was not as good. Yes, we got candy. One guy gave us some because we "are dressed up as missionaries". I'm not sure if he realized that we dress like that every day.....(Sarcasm doesn't really exist down here. I'm kinda dying without it - Not that I could speak it in Spanish anyways...)

So ya. That was my week. Nothing big or exciting. Just the usual. 

OH! They have Mac&Cheese down here!!! It's not everywhere but the store we go to just happens to have it (The store is actually now owned by WalMart). Yes, I am very happy if you're wondering :D

Okay, that's it for my stream-of-consciousness this week. Stay tuned for next week´s episode.

Elder Groneman
Photos from last week's BBQ

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