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Monday, March 16, 2015

Baptism & Zone Conference

So before I forget - Guess who I ran into this week? One of Mecham´s comps - Elder C** (I don't remember how to spell his name). Apparently he was also waiting for a visa to Venezuela that never came. So ya, I met him. Apparently Mecham and I are "exactamente lo mismo [exactly the same]". Okay?
So yes, The baptism did happen on Saturday. Her dad baptized her which was awesome because when I first came to this area he was inactive. There was also a lot of member support which doesn't always happen when the baptism is on Saturday.
For the first time in my mission I wanted to cry in a lesson for something other than feeling the Spirit. We were teaching a less-active family that was sealed in the temple. The wife is fine and realizes that the things that are happening are because they've stopped keeping all of the commandments. The husband is the opposite. The whole lesson he gave excuses and tried to justify himself and tell us that we didn't understand because we were young. The part that made me want to cry was when he said God will leave his children alone in the world sometimes. That's just the jist of what he said. He has lost the most basic and fundamental part of every testimony. God will NEVER leave us alone. He ALWAYS will help us. It's us that distance ourselves from Him. He will always have his hand outstretched waiting for us to take it so that He can lift us up.
This week was awesome. Baptism and Zone Conference. Oh, haha President Kähnlein surprised us and let us watch Meet The Mormons. Good movie - I highly recommend it.
So ya. Until next week!
Elder Groneman

Elder Groneman & Elder C** (a former companion of Parker's older brother, Mecham)

La Serena Norte Zone Conference

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