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Monday, March 9, 2015

Trip to the Zoo

So we ended up not having the baptism yesterday. We didn't finish teaching her all of the lessons so we moved the date to Saturday. And yes, we are sure that she wasn't baptized into another church because 1- her parents are sealed in the temple, 2- every member knows her and her family, and 3- they remember the baptism (her dad baptized her). So really the record just didn't get put into the computer.

The zoo was great. It was a lot smaller than Hogle Zoo but it was fun to do something that none of us had done for a long time. One of the pics that I'm sending is titled ´Mecham´s "other" side...´. On the way home from the zoo we actually almost had to hitch-hike. The zoo is a bit in the middle of nowhere and therefore there aren't any taxis that pass by that aren't already full of people. And the one bus that travels on that road doesn't pass often. Well, after waiting for a while, we prayed. About 2 minutes later the bus passed by and picked us up! Talk about immediate answers to prayers!

My ward is Compañia Baja. Honestly we don't know why it's called Baja [low] because another ward nearby is Compañia Alta [high] but in elevation it is a lot lower than ours. The chapel is on the corner of Perú and Las Rosas. I'll send a picture of one of the views from my sector. Oh, I don't know when you are going to send another package but it would be awesome to have some maple syrup. You can find it here but only in one store (the one bought by Walmart) and that store isn't close to our area so we can't go. So ya..... :)

¿Que más......? [What more?] Oh, the English classes are good I guess. We've only had two as of now. We are going to start puting up signs on the street to advertize it so more people start coming. Hopefully it works because a member told us that English classes have never been successful in this ward/area. Ya, we're going to change that.

Creo que eso es todo por esta semana. [I think that's all for this week] Not much happened. Stake Conference was good and this week we are going to have Zone Conference (I think it's the second to last with Pres Kähnlein) so we are excited for that. And ya....I think that's all.

Love you all!
Elder Groneman
one of the views from my sector

Mecham´s "other" side...

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