Serving an LDS Mission in Vina del Mar, Chile.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Crazy Weekend

So not much happened at the beginning of the week. The weekend, on the other hand, was crazy! On Saturday in the morning we found out that Pres Packer had died. Well, looks like Elder Nelson is going to be the new pres of the 12 which is weird because for as long as I can remember Pres Packer had been the pres or acting pres of the 12. Elders Hale and Holland have now graduated to the first row of the 12 pictures.

Right after we found that out, a member called us to tell us that the sister of our High Priest Group Leader had died. That was interesting because the elders in the other ward were going to have a lesson with her that day and had eaten lunch with her the Thursday before. It was pretty sudden. I mention that because we had lunch with him and his family Saturday even though his sister had just died. They did a BBQ for us Gringos which was awesome.

Pres Díaz gave us permission to watch the final game of La Copa America (Chile vs Argentina) which was a grand surprise. None of us were expecting that. We watched the game with our HP group leader as well because he invited us to do that. So Saturday we didn't teach at all. We had lunch, stopped by a few investigators who weren't home, then returned to watch the game. It was AWESOME!! Let's just say that everyone went crazy when Chile won because Chile hadn't ever taken 1st place before.

Sunday was also full of surprises. One of our investigators came to church which was awesome because now he is going to be baptized the next the ocean! Our ZLs talked to Pres Diaz and he gave them permission to have a giant baptismal service with the whole zone! Apparently Pres Diaz is going to come up here to attend it, along with his Assistants who are going to bring one of their investigators to be baptized as well. That's going to be awesome!

The biggest surprise was 4 members from my first area, Huanhualí, came to church in my current ward (about 7ish hours from Hualhualí). That was amazing to see them again. Especially because one of them is waiting for his mission call to come and so when I finish the mission in a year he probably won't even be in Chile. So I got to see him one last time! They also told me that one of my first converts who disappeared for a while is now completely active now because he changed jobs. Apparently he also gave a powerful talk on repentance recently, too!

So yeah, I'm extremely happy right now due to all that happened this weekend (except for Pres Packer and the member´s sister of course).

Love you all. Please don't look too closely at the sun. It likes to burn peoples´ eyeballs.
Elder Groneman
President & Sister Diaz and Sister & President Kahnlein

President & Sister Kahnlein saying goodbye at the airport.

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