Serving an LDS Mission in Vina del Mar, Chile.

Monday, June 29, 2015

La Copa America

So nothing much happened this week. It's been really cold here so basically there aren't many people to talk to in the streets and no one wants to open their door. Even the members don't want to leave their house to go to church. Actually, this week the church attendence hit the low for the year  :(
BUT, as for good news, I learned how to put together a Rubix Cube this week! As of right now my record is 2 minutes 27 seconds! Yes, I feel accomplished. That and now we are playing soccer every morning with the other Elders in our ward. We live really close to them (no missionaries live with another companionship) and there's a small court in front of our house so we play every day. Yes, I have improved a lot.
Speaking of soccer, La Copa America [The Copa América (Spanish and Portuguese for "America Cup"),  is an international football competition contested between the men's national football teams of CONMEBOL, determining the continental champion of South America. It is the oldest international continental football competition] is in Chile for the first time and everyone here is going nuts. Basically we are starting every contact by talking about the games because people actually listen that way. Haha it is soo funny when Chile is playing because there is literally NO ONE outside, complete silence. And no one wants to open up their door so basically we walk around for an hour until 9:30 when we can go to the pension. And as we are planning, we know when Chile makes a goal because there is an eruption of sound all around us. GOAL!!!...GOAL!!!...GOAL!!! Then when Chile wins there is a celebration for hours. People in the streets shouting and blowing these horn things, people driving around honking their horns, small fireworks, we have even heard gunshots. They go crazy. That starts at 10:30ish and then we go to bed at 11 while everyone else is still going crazy. It's a good thing that we are always dead tired because if we weren't I'm not sure how we would ever fall asleep.
So ya, that's about it for this week. Like I said, not much has happened thanks to the cold and La Copa America.
Love you all. Please don't confuse the computer mouse with a real one. I don't think it would appreciate being clicked on the head.
Elder Groneman

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