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Monday, June 22, 2015

Still in La Serena

SOOOO.......... Jacob, I need a drumroll right now...................
I am still in La Serena. Nothing changed. Elder H** is still my comp and we are working like usual. Haha the other companionship in the ward changed. He's training a newbie. Haha it is funny watching him try to communicate in Spanish because it reminds me of myself when I was starting. Wow, and now almost one year later and I am still in my second area. I'm okay with it though because I like this area and it's finally waking u,p which has been the struggle from the start. So ya, all is good.
Besides changes nothing else happened. Change weeks are the weirdest weeks because at the beginning of the week everyone is wondering about what is going to happen and the days go by really slowly and then after the changes, the rest of the week goes by really fast. And during that week you either teach a ton of people or no one at all. Unfortunately for us we basically didn't teach this week. But it's okay because we are starting to work a little differently because Pres K gave us new guidelines for how he wants us to work. So we're starting with that right now.
Basically nothing changed with our investigators because, like I said, we didn't really teach this week. We do know that lady has had some health and family problems which is why she disappeared for a bit. We are also going to start working with an old investigator again. I'm not sure if you all remember him, but about 3ish months ago he accepted a baptismal date for this first time but then his family (siblings and parents, not children,grandchildren, or spouse) started to talk bad so he didn't get baptized. Well, we know that he knows everything is true and that he wants to get sealed in the temple because we were talking with his daughter yesterday. So we are going to focus a bit more on him. Hopefully we can help him overcome the fear of his family.
This week please do not walk into glass doors. One it's embarrassing and, it's just embarrassing.
Elder Groneman

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