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Monday, June 22, 2015

Transfers coming this week...

June 15, 2015
So sad update :( The  lady didn't go to church so her baptismal date fell through. She had so much work to do so she just stayed home to work on it. Well, it's all good because she will get baptized, just not the 20th. Haha when we taught her about tithing she was completely fine with paying it (even though she never could understand the math with 10% of her income) but she was completely adament that she was not going to fill out the tithing slip. Definitely the first time that's happened during my mission. Usually if they have a problem, it's with paying. Nope, she doesn't want to fill out the slip. "No, eso no me gusta. Y lo que no me gusta no me gusta" ["No, I don't like that. And what I don't like I don't like"] That is what she said for her reasoning. (Mecham or Jeff can translate it for all you non-Spanish speakers). So ya, that's where we left off with her.
This week is changes so we´ll see if I stay in another area for 6 months or if I leave La Serena. Oh, Pres K is going to leave at the end of June/beginning of July, so for like 2/3 ish weeks more Pres K is still large and in charge.
Last week my zone (La Serena) had a Zone Activity (my first in the mission) because we completed the baptismal goal for the zone! Yay. SOOO we went bowling!! Haha I've never bowled so badly for years! But it was fun anyways. We definitely got a lot of weird looks from people. Haha 20 missionaries in street clothes bowling and taking lots of pictures and laughing without the help of alcohol. Yep, definitely received lots of weird looks.
So ya. That's it for this week. Stay clear from table corners. They like to reach out and hit people.
Elder Groneman

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