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Monday, June 8, 2015

Last Zone Conference with President Kähnlein

The last Zone Conference with President Kähnlein was great but a bit sad, too. He almost cried and his wife did cry. At the end he gave us a GIANT list of all the things that he hopes he will and/or have learned. That reminded me of Lehi and Alma when they talked to each of their kids and gave them very valuable advice. At the end he "introduced" us to Pres Díaz by reading to us the bio that was in the church news.
So there is this old lady that we are teacher who is awesome. We first contacted her a month ago Saturday night and invited her to go to church and she went! Well, after that we could never find her to teach her. Well, she never went again until yesterday. I have never seen the ward befriend someone so well before. She was almost crying because of all the people making her feel welcome. In Gospel Principles the class was on baptism - perfect for investigators. Haha! for half the class she just started talking about random things that have nothing to do with baptism - like "´I heard that Mormons can't drink tea, is that true?´.. ´yes´...´well that's okay with me because I stopped drinking tea a few months ago because it was killing me...along with cigarettes´" Haha and then we had a good talk about wine. She said  - in the middle of telling a story- "...and then Satan came along......and I married him" We were all expecting something really profound or spiritual. Nope, apparently her ex-husband is Satan. Basically the whole class we were all laughing with her and at the end, even with many detours, she understood the need of being baptized. Then she went to RS and (finding this out from our mamita who is also the GP teacher) she participated and said that she had never been in a place where she had felt so welcome. We took advantage of her being in the church to teach her after the meetings, too. At the end she now has a baptismal date for June 20th and we are going to teach her in the house of our mamita. Oh, and she is going to go to the RS activities every Friday now. Basically she is great and everyone loves her-.
So ya, God definitely prepares people. FIND THEM - then give the references to the missionaries. Elder Bendar once said that Missionaries are called to be full-time Teachers not full-time Finders. It's the members´ job to find.
That's it for this week. Love you all and please keep an eye out for rabid squirrels.
Elder Groneman

Last La Serena Zone Conference with President Kähnlein.

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