Serving an LDS Mission in Vina del Mar, Chile.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Really Good Week

So this week was really good. We had more lessons than I have ever had since I've been in this area and we found more new investigators! Woot! It's definitely been hard waking up this dormant sector but I think we've almost got it up and running.
So today as we were walking to the cyber [internet cafe?] I realized that today is June 1st and that basically one year ago I was graduating. It's a bit weird to think about that......Time has really flown by.
Haha okay the story of that family continues. So this week the dad told us that when we contacted him, he mentally hit himself when he told us his name and then did it again when he told us his direction. Then when he told his wife about us, she got mad at him. Then when we passed by, he tried to hide upstairs but she basically dragged him down to talk with us because "we were his problem to deal with". Haha then the mom told us that she NEVER accepts visits from anyone, especially people that she doesn't know. Haha she told us that she had no idea why she ever let us inside her house to begin with. Well, now every time we go by they have food for us (the last time they gave us a full 3 course meal) and les caemos bien. That translate to "we fall well with them" which basically means that they like us. Oh, and when the dad prayed, he called us his friends, compadres, perros, and brothers. Haha it's funny how the Spirit can work major changes in people´s hearts.
So ya. Thats about it. This Friday we have Zone Conference so it will probably be the last time we see Pres Kähnlein because we are in the north.
This week please avoid stepping on a crack. Mom is getting old and her back is getting more fragile every day ;)  [Rude. I'm not that old and my back feels just fine, thank you. ☺]
Elder Groneman

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