Serving an LDS Mission in Vina del Mar, Chile.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Great Week!

This week was great! Elder Texeira visited us and wow, pure power. His wife is also pure power. Haha his Spanish is a mixture of Spanish from Spain and Argentina with a few Portuguese grammer elements thrown in. He gave a few new standards to measure our work level and also to help us elevate our faith and trust in the Lord. Then he, his wife, and Pres Diaz and his wife answered a lot of questions that we as missionaries in Chile have. Let's just say that it was one of the most inspiring and Spirit-filled moments in my mission.
We have found a few more new investigators this week. Hopefully they will progress because we literally still can't find any of our other investigators. Hopefully we will be able to find them soon because the summer vacations are about to end soon.
Well, I don't have too much time left because we are going to have a zone activity today because in January we met the zone baptism goal!! Hopefully I'll be able to send photos next week. The computers here in the Ciber don't want to recognize my camera for some reason.
Love you all! Don't stick gum wrappers in plug outlets. Burning down walls is not always a pleasant experience.
Elder Groneman

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