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Monday, February 1, 2016

Normal Week

Well, this week was pretty normal.
R** didn't get baptized :(   He's been having a few problems getting used to being separated from his wife. He literally doesn't go anywhere without her. They even work together. So, when he went to church without her, he felt really lonely which made him feel like the members where cold towards him. We talked to him and he understands that they weren't and that it was just because his wife wasn't there. We arranged for some members nearby to go with him to church but he won't be able to go for a few weeks because of work and family stuff :(   He also smoked again....Pray for him! He wants to get baptized and join the church but he's having some difficulties changing some old habits.
We are working harder with the members trying to help them work more in missionary work. In the Worldwide Training Conference they told us that more than anything else we need to find new investigators from member referrals because the majority of baptisms come from those types of investigators. We are starting to get some referrals little by little. Hopefully we'll get some new investigators from them. Oh, just so you know, the missionaries in Utah saw the same training conference and would probably LOVE some referrals.....Hint hint, nudge nudge.
That was basically the week. Not much else happened. Oh, actually I just remembered something! I made empanadas!!! For the first time by myself! They weren't perfect but were still pretty good. Haha I'll have to make them at home just so you can try some good Chilean Empanadas!
Love you all! Try not to jam your big toe on the couch or chair this week. It kind of hurts....a lot.
Elder Groneman
December 2015 - Christmas Activity

December 2015 - Christmas Activity

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