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Monday, January 25, 2016

Prepared People

This week was great!

On Wednesday there was a World-Wide Missionary Training Broadcast. Every missionary in the world saw it. They haven't done one of those in over a decade according to the Seventy who was conducting. "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts" was the name and theme of the training. Let's just say that Presidente Diaz is very in tune with the Spirit because the day before in our Zone Meeting he told us almost exactly the same things that the Apostles and other leaders told us.

Later that week we had interviews with Presidente Diaz. Everything normal there. Sometimes it's still weird that Pres Kahnlein isn't here anymore but Pres Diaz is an awesome replacement.

R** is progressing nicely. He will probably have his baptismal interview on Tuesday then, assuming he passes it, will be baptized on Sunday!!!

We found great new investigators this week. All of them young couples that cohabitate  :/  I don't think that it'll be a problem though after we teach them a bit more. We found them in two completely different ways.

One of them contacted us as we were waiting to take a bus. He told us that his girlfriend wanted to learn more about the Mormons because she had seen some video on Facebook and was interested. Sweet!

We found the others trying to find a reference that other missionaries had contacted. Well, in the end we never found her. We did find a house that apparently no one ever finds. At the beginning they weren't interested at all so we asked for water (so of course they gave us soda. Here in Chile water apparently means soda). After talking for a bit more they invited us to come back later. Well, a few days later we went back and taught them the Plan of Salvation. In the beginning the girl was angry at God for a few reasons and the guy was just not that interested in religions. Well, as we taught, they started asking really good questions, understanding, and he actually told us that he wanted to learn more. We will definitely be going back.

God definitely prepares people to hear the gospel. He will lead both them to us and us to them. We just have to have the courage to open our mouths at all times. If Satan can just get us to keep our mouths shut, he will be happy. I don't really want to make him happy. I want to make my Father in Heaven happy. Therefore, I open my mouth.

Love you all! Please be careful for flying soccer balls. Being hit in the face is not always a fun experience.

Elder Groneman

A Missionary Matrimony (a senior couple - I can't remember what we call them in English) made me cupcakes for my bday.

The zone of Valparaíso Oeste!

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