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Wednesday, January 13, 2016



After 5 months of teaching her, seeing her ups and downs, the miracles and the temptations, she finally got baptized!! It was great. Not that many members attended but it's okay because a few members from a different ward came. And her giant family was all there besides a few that had to work. Haha funny story. We had to use the fire hose to finish filling up the font. When we had M**´s baptism 3 months ago, we filled the font in 3 hours so I just assumed that it would be the same. NOPE! Apparently the water pressure is a lot lower now so after 3 hours it was barely 1 1/2 feet high. AHH!! So we just used the fire hose (which is always the last option and the secret trick of the missionaries). It did the trick - in 30 minutes the font was full. Haha I've decided that something random always happens when preparing baptisms.

She is very happy. Her testimony is extremely strong. Apparently this week something extremely bad happened to her. She didn't tell us what it was but said that if it would have happened before she had the gospel she would have fallen big time, but thanks to her testimony and knowledge of the gospel she was able to overcome it. She's just great:)

As for A** and his baptism on the 10th. It's not going to happen. The branch president interviewed the dad and told him that in 1 month he could baptize his son. We are very happy for the progression that he has shown. He has changed a ton! I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes the branch president in a couple years. Actually, apparently a member from La Ligua or Quillota had a dream that he was branch president. Huh, I guess we´ll see what the Lord has planned.

New Year's was good. M** invited us over again to eat dinner with her family. I tried rabbit for the first time that night. It's good. We couldn't see the fireworks at midnight :(  From our pension windows we can see basically everywhere except for the exact place where the fireworks were! Oh well. There's always next year.

Haha I bet you guys are extremely lost in Bolivia. [His dad, his brother, and I spent two weeks in Boliva, where his brother served his mission.] Not understanding anything! Please study Spanish. You'll need it in order to talk to your grandchildren ;P  Why did the bishop call on mom to say the closing prayer if he knew that she doesn't speak Spanish? That must have been fun.

Until next week! When moping floors, be careful not to mop yourself into a corner. Waiting for the floor to dry while standing in a 3x3 square with nothing but a dripping mop can be very boring.

Love you all!
Elder Groneman
Marta and her giant family
New Years with The Avengers
New Year's with The Avengers

M** and her giant family

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