Serving an LDS Mission in Vina del Mar, Chile.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

This week was a week of progress.

No, I have not been transferred because transfers are this week. I guess that we will see if I am staying for another 6 weeks in Cabildo making it 7 months here. I don't think so though. But then again, we thought that the last time....

This week was a week of progress for various reasons:
1- M** (my convert) gave a talk this week and helped with the sacrament for the first time (because he finally came in a white shirt and tie)!! He and his wife are doing very well. The wife is actually going to start a choir class with my comp this next week because the members here are very shy when singing.
2- Another member gave a talk yesterday who I've been working with since I got here. She actually gave us lunch the other day as well. She's much happier now and very soon will have a calling.
3 - A** (papá) came in a white shirt and tie (that we gave to him) and helped with the sacrament too. He had not helped with the sacrament for about 10 years. He is progressing a ton! He will definitely be able to baptize his son in February.
4 - M** is doing great. Yesterday we visited her and while we were there we took advantage of the situation to teach her husband as well. He is EXTREMELY interested in the church. The other day when we set goals with M** he was there too so we explained everything in detail so that he would understand. Haha he actually understood some things better than she did and then helped us explain it to her. Well, at the end of the lesson yesterday M** told us about something that he had told her. He said "If I do end up going the this church we will go get sealed" WOOT!!!! Then in his prayer last night (yes, he prayed at the end of the lesson) he said " please help me to join your true church" WOOT!! Hopefully he just says here in Cabildo long enough to be taught and to be baptized. He's on leave right now because he has been having these pains in his arm and the doctors don't know why. So until then he will be here.
That's about it for this week. A lot of good things happening and a lot of people are progressing!!
When around someone for a lot of time, be sure to keep a clock/watch hidden just in case they attempt to put all of the clocks 10 minutes ahead.
Love you all!
Elder Groneman

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