Serving an LDS Mission in Vina del Mar, Chile.

Monday, February 23, 2015


So first of all before I forget like I have been for the past few weeks. Yes, I finally got the package (like 3 weeks ago). Thank you all for everything! Unfortunately, I can't make the cake right now. In my last pension we didn't have a good oven. Well in this pension our oven is more like a blowtorch. So ya, once the pensionero brings us a new cocina [stove]... I have to wait....
BAUTISMO!!! Yes, the baptism happened yesterday! WOOT! We had to run to get everything ready because our mission leader forgot to put the program together, but in the end everything was awesome. A lot of member support which was awesome! Haha she said that whenever she goes underwater she gets this weird sensation which she can't describe. Haha so because of that when my comp lifted her back up she was gasping and then tripped or something and almost fell back under. Don't worry, nothing happened and she didn't get a second baptism.

That's the highlight of the week. Oh and every companionship in the district baptized this month so the next week we get to have a District Activity! My first activity in the mission. We will be going to the zoo next week (unless plans change). YAY!
So ya, basically everything that happened this week had something to do with the baptism and getting it ready so there aren't really and stories. We cleaned the font, had the ZLs call a million times trying to get us to change the baptism to Saturday so that she could be confirmed the next day, ran around the chapel looking for people to participate in the program, and then had the baptism! So ya, that was this week.
Love ya all!
Elder Groneman

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