Serving an LDS Mission in Vina del Mar, Chile.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Transfers this week

Yay for another 6 hour day-trip to Viña! This time it was for my tramites [processing]. I'm finally going to be legal! Yes, right now I'm in a country illegally. Well, not completely illegally. I have a visa  but not my passport so if they ask to see my visa I'm done for. Lets hope that doesn't happen!

So yes, Mecham is correct. This week is tranfers. And I get to find out if I stay or if I go. Yes, it is possible that I stay for another change. I have heard many stories of missionaries that have stayed in their first area for 7-9 months. Anything is possible in this mission. Oh, so we finally know who our new Pres is going to be. Supposedly we're not supposed to know yet but everyone does. His name is Raul Diaz. He's from Santiago but if I remember right he lives in Concepción right now. I've heard that he's really humble and LOVES CocaCola so the rule impeding us from drinking it will probably be lifted and then we will be drinking it in every lunch...yay.

 Happy Story of the Week!

We found a family to teach that is basically gold! They're antiguos [older people] and they were taught the majority of the lessons but don't remember a lot BUT during the first lesson the dad basically helped us explaining tithing to his wife. He already has a testimony, we just need to reaffirm it and then convert his wife. Their family actually almost got baptized before but the missionaries that taught them forgot to tell them about the baptismal date of their son until 2 days before. Ya, they weren't happy with that so they stopped taking the lessons....Until we found them! They are awesome.

So ya. You are all just going to have to wait to find out if I get transferred or not. Oh the agony of waiting ;) Patience is a virtue, develop it ;) 
All is well but unfortunately with the trip to Viña I don't have much time so until next week!

Elder Groneman
Elder P**, President Kahnlein, Elder Groneman

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