Serving an LDS Mission in Vina del Mar, Chile.

Monday, April 6, 2015

General Conference and earthquakes

General Conference was AWESOME!! It's literally like candy for missionaries. Haha so if you want to get just a little bit of an idea of the Spanish I have to listen to, compare the speed of the Spanish of the two Spanish talks. Elder Zeballos is from Chile and his Spanish was notably faster than Elder Pino´s. Now take that speed of Spanish, speed it up more and take away the diction and enunciation then cut off the endings of about half of the words and add a lot of sayings and words that don't exist in Spanish (only in Chile). Once you've done that you will have a bit of an idea of what I get to listen to every day - and I love it!

Besides General Conference nothing much happened. A few temblores no más. Oh, a temblor is a weak earthquake. A Terremoto is a strong earthquake. In Chile a terremoto is 8.0 and higher and everything else is weak. Haha in the rest of the world a terremoto is everything stronger than a 6.0. Ya, Chile gets a lot of temblores. Now when it happens at night I usually sleep through them and don't even realize that we had one.

So ya, That's it for the week. Love you all. Don't die, that would be unfortunate ;)
Elder Groneman

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