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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tree of Life Insight

So this week was a little bit difficult. Our 2 most promising investigators told us that they didn't want us to come by anymore and we couldn't find any of our other investigators all week. BUT yesterday we saw at least 10 miracles during the day! A lot of them happened when a ton of less actives finally came to church! Another was that the recent convert of my comp showed up again and is normal again (he got back into drugs and alcohol after his baptism). You've got to look for the miracles because they are literally EVERYWHERE!
So it's really awesome when your convert of one month can literally destroy a Jehovha´s Witness of Level 33. For those of you who don't know, JWs have a ranking system based on their knowledge. Level 33 is the highest and it's also the level which they need in order to talk to the missionaries. If they aren't 33, then they are literally prohibited to talk to us. Haha so the neighbor of our convert is a JW Level 33 (we know because we´ve talked with her before). Apparently that neighbor has tried to tell our convert lies and to try to convince her that she's wrong - lies such as we worship Joseph Smith and that we don't believe in God, we practice polygamy still, and other things. Haha our convert stood up for what she knew was true and straight up told the JW that she was completely wrong then she told her exactly how things are. Yes, my comp and I are very happy to know that our convert of one month is firm in the gospel!
So the picture is quite awesome. Just look at it and you'll know why.
Here's a little insight from Lehi´s vision of the tree of life. So before Lehi tasted the fruit he had to be led to the tree. Then once Lehi had been led to the tree and tasted the fruit he, in turn, led others to the tree.  The Lord led Lehi (prophet) to the tree and then Lehi led others (his family) to the tree because he knew how to find it. In order to find the tree we need to be led by someone who is already at the tree and knows the way. We have the words of prophets, ancient and modern, who know the way and who lead and guide us so that we arrive at the tree of life. After we arrive at the tree and taste of the fruit we, like Lehi, will have the desire to help others arrive at the tree. More than the desire, we will have the responsibility to help others. The Lord expects us to help our brothers and sisters who do not yet have the gospel to arrive at the tree. If we don't use our time helping others arrive at the tree that unused time could become occupied with listening to the people in the building which is dangerous because everyone who gives heed to them will fall away. So, once we arrive at the tree, let's use our time in helping others arrive as well instead of using our time listening to the world.
That is all for this week. Love you all! Read and Watch the conference talks again because you'll receive even more revelation.
Elder Groneman

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