Serving an LDS Mission in Vina del Mar, Chile.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


This week as gone by soo much faster than last. The Spanish is coming slowly but surely. But I have definitely learned more Spanish in two weeks than I did in 2 years in middle school. Haha. So funny story. We were teaching our new investigator for the first time (just our teacher acting as one of the people she actually taught) and we were trying to describe what free agency was. Well, none of us could remember what the word for agency was so Elder G** said that he thought is was agencia which made sense to us so we just went with it. I start talking to her and describing free agency and she gets a really confused look on her face. Thinking that she just doesn't fully grasp the concept because of my extremely basic Spanish I blow it off cuz i can't really explain it better with the vocab I know. Well, later when our investigator was our teacher again she gave us feed back. Apparently instead of saying that God gave us all free agency I said that God gave us all a free car dealership. HAHA ya...that's why she looked so confused. Oops.
That's about the most eventful thing of the week. It's mainly studying or teaching all day. Oh! Did you know that worms can jump!?! Ya, neither did I, but randomly as we were walking we saw this worm jumping like 6 inches in the air. CRAZY! And there's my weird story for the week.

Now for some answering questions:
Unfortunately we don't get to go proselyting out in the city but they do bring people in who are actual investigators or nonactive people for us to teach in what's called TRC. We don't get to do that until next week when ourS panish is a bit better ;) We do get to go to the Mexico Temple one week while we're here but it's closed so we don't get to go inside :'(  My thumb is feeling better but it's still not 100%. Maybe like 90%? No authentic Mexican tacos yet. Unless that's the weird stuff they give us for breakfast every once in a while. We do have the option of getting tortillas, beans, and rice for just about every dinner and lunch though. Except on Tuesdays which is PIZZA NIGHT. And it's Costco pizza too! Ya, definitely the best meal every week. 

Love ya all and  hope that you're not missing me too much.
.....Ha who am I kidding, you all are probably balling your eyes out still  ;)
Elder Groneman
okay so a quick explanation of the photos from last week (there will be a couple more this week)
the one of the yellow house is my casa. That is where I sleep at night and do laundry. Besides that we are basically never there. The classroom pic is where we spend 75% of our time. We study sooo much. That room is basically our home for the 6 weeks. The nighttime pic is our district before Elder G** went home. I can't remember the order people were in so I'll send a new pic of people. The bus is what we rode in from the airport. The hallway was in our casa. There are 5 rooms each with 4 elders. There was a bad pic looking down one of the streets that I took as we were headed out to email. It shows some of the other casas. There's 51 total and 2 three-story dorms. Ya, I'm happy I'm in a casa. I think that's it......if not, oh well. You will just have to wonder what the heck I sent ;)
The guys in my district. from left to right...
me, Elders B**, G**, R**, A** (district leader), A**, S**.

So here are the girls in my district.
left to right
Hermanas J**, L**, M**, D**

Okay so here we have the Pineapple Palm Tree. It legit looks like a pineapple.
(Mecham, this is your palm tree photo from me)

Me and my 2 comps. Elder G** is on the left and Elder B** is in the middle. 
I am the shortest guy and am shorter than 2 of the girls as well :P

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