Serving an LDS Mission in Vina del Mar, Chile.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Lots of Photos

So not much has happened since Thursday. We have changes Wednesday and it's New Year's too so many missionaries won't get to spend the holiday with members that they know. Ya, tan fome ese día [So lame]!

It was awesome seeing everyone. Really weird seeing Mecham with the family instead of on the other side of the camera. Haha Jeff´s accent is hilarious! And Mecham speaks sooo slowly. It's like he's a snail and Chileans are cheetahs. Ya, the difference is enormous! 

So as a mission we are reading the BOM again. We read it in 3 months and have to mark 4-5 specific topics each time. This time they also gave us a BOM in English so that if the Latins wanted they could read it in English. And as a challenge for the gringos, if we want, we can read them together.... It takes forever!! But it is really helping my Spanish.

Here are a few pics from Christmas. Our tree and gifts Christmas morning and the first course of dinner Christmas Eve. The sister in the photo is the member that sets up our lunches for us

Until next week!
Elder Groneman

Zona Villa Alemana Oeste

Número musical navideño [Christmas musical number. Parker's on the piano.]

[Parker's on the piano]

[Parker is on the piano]


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