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Monday, January 5, 2015

¡Me Quedé! For those of you that don't speak Spanish - I stayed!

DrumRoll please.............. ¡Me Quedé! For those of you that don't speak Spanish - I stayed! Yes, I now have a new companion but I am still in Villa Alemana Oeste in Huanhualí. Ya, definitely wasn't expecting that at all but I'm happy that I stayed because this ward is awesome. For example, as a mission we are reading the BOM in 3 months while marking a few different topics (I explained all of that the last time). Well, we decided we were going to do the same with the ward. We started on January 1st. During the testimony meeting yesterday basically everyone mentioned that challenge/goal. And last night we had a "class" on the BOM. Just something small where the members can go and share their insights and stuff like that. A lot of people went and it was awesome! The ward of Huanhualí is going to be a spiritual powerhouse at the end of March!

So a little background of my comp. Elder P**. He's from El Salvador and is 24 years old. He's a convert of 4 years along with his family. We are basically the same person so the whole time we are in the streets we are laughing. Don't worry, we are still working super hard but it's a lot of fun. 

Scripture of the Week (finally remembered;))
1 Nephi 4:5-7
Like Nephi, many times in our life we won't have a step-by-step guide to follow, rather only an end goal that we need to achieve. What God expects of us in those situations is that we do all that we know we need to do first and then He´ll start to guide us again. Nephi had no idea how he was going to get the plates from Laban but he knew he had to to it. So he started with what he knew. He had to enter the city and then start walking towards Laban, trusting that God would help him with the rest. We all know the end result, Laban received a really bad haircut.....The point is that before the Lord will guide us we first have to do all that we know we need to do.

New Years was great. We ate dinner with a family in the ward that is awesome. She is actually the Stake Relief Society President. I'll send photos that can explain it better than I can with 999 words;)

So ya. That was my week. Todo está bien [All is well]. 
¡Les Quiero! [Love you all!]
Elder Groneman
Christmas (la Familia B** C**)

New comp: Elder P** [Wow! Look at how blond Parker's hair looks!]

New Years (la Familia O**)

Elder P** & Elder Groneman

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