Serving an LDS Mission in Vina del Mar, Chile.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Working Hard

No, I won't get my package in time for my birthday. It didn't arrive in time for the ZL conference. I may get it when we have interviews with the president. That's a maybe though because the interviews are in our pension and it would be hard to bring the mail for every missionary to all the different pensiones. So most likely I'll get it in February.

HAHAHA so funny story of the week. We have a MA joven [young man] that lives with his mom and grandma. Well, his gma HATES us. Literally hates us. The first time we passed by she opened the door, said that the kid wasn't home and that we shouldn't go by again then slammed the gate door. Oh, their gate is completely metal so you can't see through it so in order to see who's at the door you have to open the gate or look through the 2nd story window. Anyways, the second time a little kid opened the window, said that the joven was there, then the gma came to the window, looked around to make sure that people were watching/listening, the began to yell at us, telling us not to go back and " stop being sticky". A different day we saw her across the street. We said hello and she literally stuck her nose in the air and started grubbling to the person next to her. Well, this last time we passed by trying to talk to the MA joven no one answered the doorbell. Thinking that they didn't hear (very common here) we rang it again. This time we heard voices whispering. Then all of a sudden water falls on our heads. HAHA the old lady threw water at us! Most of it hit the little roof thingy on the gate but a few drops got us. We literally busted up laughing once we walked away.

One of our investigators is slowly progressing but he finally went to church! When we found him (he actually talked to us first) he said that he didn't believe in God but wanted to believe. When we invited him to be baptized later he said maybe because he first wants to believe and have faith. During the sacrament we explained what everything meant and all that fun stuff then he said "okay so after my baptism then I'll take the sacrament".......uh what?? That was new. He said "MY BAPTISM" YES!!! And the next lesson was on tithing and fast offerings and he asked if you had to be a member first before you could pay fast offerings. Then he kept the envelope. He is soo close! The only downer is that we can only teach him once a week. We are praying and fasting for him a lot. We are just waiting for our next lesson with him. 

So that's been my week. Love y´all. Don't die. That would be unfortunate.
Elder Groneman
Sister Kehnlein includes birthdays on her mission website. Parker's birthday is this Saturday, January 17.

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