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Monday, June 20, 2016

Here's a bit of advice - NEVER GO INACTIVE

I can't think of a way to start this email. So I shall start it by saying that I don't know how to start it. Makes sense, right?
U** finally got confirmed this week! After almost of month of being baptized....Gotta love Stake Conferences but they really throw things off schedule sometimes. But in the end, all is well. His older sister C** came to church as well so, assuming that she passes her baptismal interview tomorrow, she should be getting baptized on Sunday! Yay for saved souls!
Our other investigators aren't progressing that much. We are probably going to drop a few of them. It's really sad when we do that because we know how much their lives can be blessed by the gospel but they just don't want to accept it nor act upon it. I always hope that in some future day, when the situation is right, the Lord will guide other missionaries to that person again and give them another chance.
Here's a bit of advice - NEVER GO INACTIVE. It's a lot harder to reestablish gospel habits afterwards. We are currently teaching a lady and her disabled daughter who have been less active for about 6 years. Long story short, she went inactive after separating from her husband. When she went inactive, she dragged her 4 children with her. Now, years later, only 1 of them wants to return with her. She laments her past decisions and is now realizing exactly what her decisions have cost her. Pres Monson has repeated many times that "Decisions determine Destiny". How true that statement is. If our choices that we make now aren't in accordance with our goals, we will NEVER reach our goals. Are our day-to-day choices leading us to where we want to go? Hopefully the honest answer is yes. If not, there is still time to change and get back on course. It may be hard, like this lady has come to realize. But in the end, it will be worth it.
Happy Father´s Day  - yes, I know it's a day late but I don't have that many options of when I can use email.  ;)
When using a needle and thread, it would be wise to not do so while seated on your bed. If you happen to lose the needle, a midnight acupuncture treatment is imminent.
Love you all!
Elder Groneman

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