Serving an LDS Mission in Vina del Mar, Chile.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Random thoughts

Sadly, C** did not get baptized yesterday.  :(    Her great grandma is in the hospital now so the family decided to postpone the baptism. For how long? That's a very good question. No idea.

Nothing happened with our other investigators this week either. They either weren't home or they had family problems. So ya....

On a different note - Haha we made zone t-shirts. My comp designed them and I did all of the administrative stuff so that they could be made. We wore them to our Zone Conference and took a picture in them with Presidente. Haha the other zone was jealous. Now we just found out that next week we're probably going to have a mission 4th of July party because the new housing director of the mission wanted one. Ya, we're going to wear them to that as well.

I never thought that I would become such an expert in breaking into houses during the mission. So far I've broken into an investigator's house, a random person's house, 2 less actives' houses and on Friday I had to help break into the house of the elders in my district. They lost their keys, the zone leaders lost the backup keys, and the housing director's keys didn't work. Therefore, we broke in. Using a broom and lots of skill. The elders are still going in and out of their house by climbing through their balcony door.

Oh ya, just so you know, next week will be my last letter home.

When breaking into a house, watch out for wire gates. They're kinda hard to see at night and crashing into one isn't that fun.

Love you all!
Elder Groneman
Zone Conference, June 7


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