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Monday, June 13, 2016

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

This week was just full of meetings. On Tuesday we had a zone meeting. On Friday I had a District Leader meeting with President and on Saturday we watched a broadcast from Elder Bednar (the same one as before but this time we got to watch it completely). I actually like the meetings because I always learn a lot. President Díaz, being the Seminary/Institute Coordinator for Chile (or the whole Area, can't remember), is a very good teacher. Every time we have a conference or a meeting with him, I always leave with a greater desire to dive deeper into the scriptures. There are soo many truths and lessons that we can learn from the scriptures if we just only take a bit more time to analyze them. Think about how they apply specifically to our lives and the situations that we face every day.
For example, everyone basically skims over the war chapters thinking that there isn't that much spiritual worth in them. WRONG! The war chapters are in the BoM because they teach us how to live the gospel during hard and difficult times and what we need to do to prepare ourselves so that we can withstand the war we face with sin and temptations every day. Maybe the answers aren't 100% obvious all of the time, but they are there. You've just got to be looking for them as you are studying. KEY WORD = STUDY *not read*.
I found 2 great quotes this week in the June 2016 Liahona:
"The best way to help those we love - the best way to love them - is to continue to put the Savior first."
"In measuring success, we recognize the profound truth underlying all else - that our lives belong to God, our Heavenly Father, and to Jesus Christ, our Redeemer."
Think of the magnitude of these statements. Many times we can get distracted by the needs of others so much that we start to put aside our covenant obligations, not even realizing it. Or thinking that we are helping loved ones by tolerating decisions contrary to the Savior's teachings. Nope. If we really love someone, we will show them the better and higher way of living - the Savior's way. The second quote reminds me of King Benjamin's teaching that we will always be debtors to God because literally everything we are and have is thanks to Him.
Here are some fotos to enjoy:) I finally found a cord that the computer wants to accept.
When going through the maze of life (or a labrynth of chairs and tables), it's a tad bit easier to listen to the correct voice (the Spirit and prophet's) and not to the voices that try to throw you off course.
Bruised ankles and shins are never fun results of a mistaken step or turn.
Love you all!
Elder Groneman

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