Serving an LDS Mission in Vina del Mar, Chile.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Staying in Valparaíso

So for my last change I am staying in Valparaíso. Yes, 4 areas each for 6 months. I stayed with my comp so my "son" is killing his "dad" and receiving the "inheritance" (all the stuff that I'm going to leave). We're pretty happy about that. All is going good here.
The other day my comp made me avocado milk. Every Latino loves banana milk (milk, banana, sugar) and they drink it quite often. In Brazil they also love avocado milk. If you ask any Latino about it, they will immediately have a repulsed look on their face and ask if you are crazy (even though they've probably never tried it). Here they use avocado with salt. In Brazil they use it with sugar - hence the instant rejection from Latinos. Well, it's actually not that bad. Interesting, yes. Bad and disgusting, no. I think I'm just too used to salty avocado now....
This week one of our investigators basically told us her life story. Wow, I haven't met anyone that has had a harder life than she has had/having. We hope that she really starts to apply the gospel to her life. She really needs it but due to her situation and background, it's been hard for her to follow.
I love how the gospel and the knowledge of God´s plan gives us hope. Such a small, cliche (I think that's how you spell it...) word but it is sooo important. We can only have as much faith as we have hope. Hope is the confidence that God will fulfill His promises. It's the energy that makes us move. Without hope we cannot have faith because there won't be anything to have faith in. It's sad to see someone that has lost all hope because I know that God will always fulfill His promises. We can always have that assurance.
The rest of the week was fairly normal. Not much happened. We couldn't get a hold of the majority of our investigators so ya.
Please double check that the lid is on tight when using a blender to make avocado milk, banana milk, or whichever drink you choose. A single punch of a button could result in a tasty beverage or half an hour of clean-up duty.
Love you all!
Elder Groneman

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